Project management

About everything that concerns lighting, we are able to help you with our LED solutions. Whether it is about replacing your old lamps, creating unique innovative solutions, answering your precise technical needs, or simply giving you an advice, feel free to contact us.

We have experience in all sectors: offices, museums, sport fields, industrial halls (steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, …), small and bigger shops, commercial signs, furniture making, …

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Light study

If you can provide us plans or drawings of your building, room or zone you wish to enlighten, we will drive a 3D lighting simulation to find out the optimal geometry of luminaires you need to reach the light levels expected.

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Everyday, we work on luminaires that do not exist yet to satisfy our clients’ needs. Exotical shapes or powers, color control, waterproof, space requirements, … Let us know about your special projects and we will achieve the impossible.