Vegetable Light Recipe

Vegetable Light Recipe – the research program

Plant lighting in horticulture: a massive sector that will soon meet the LED at large scale! But the change is operating slowly: indeed, the biological processes lying underneath plant development are quite complex, and the color-control possibilities of Light-Emitting Diodes open up new perspectives.

This is why GDTech Superlighting launched a four-years research program along with several departments of the University of Liège, as well as local partners to unveil great performing LED luminaires in horticulture.

On the to-do list: loads of crop trials, and as many discussions and hypotheses with our partners to reach an innovative lighting device.

If this project interests you, feel free to contact us to learn more on our progression. GDTech Superlighting will soon have its own range of products dedicated to horticulture.

Our partners for this project: