27 June 2016

The first INFERNO has been produced!

One of our latest tailor-made projects has been finished: the development of the Inferno trolley. Our first piece has been produced! To learn more on this particular product, it’s this way.

13 May 2016

A prototype of the Phoenix is currently being built

The Phoenix project takes a big step forward, as we have launched the manufacturing of the first prototype. It is almost finished and already shines really bright, as you can see on the picture hereunder! Next step: trying it out on a real soccer field. To learn more about this project, click here

19 February 2016

VeLiRe has been launched!

Our research program VeLiRe (Vegetable Light Recipe) on the development of LED lighting solutions for horticulture has officially started in october. To learn more about this project, click here

28 January 2016

New adress

GDTech Superlighting just moved in its new office, Rue du Parc 18, Alleur (4432), BELGIUM.

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