About us

Our story

Since 2009, a new division of GDTech begins to bloom around one of nowadays’ fastest-growing technologies: LED lighting. With its unbeatable energy efficiency and its modularity, Light-Emitting Diodes have flourished in our modern world, and our company has been able to build a solid experience in this domain throughout the years.

Now renamed GDTech Superlighting, our division welcomes all your lighting projects. No matter the application, the site where the devices need to be installed, or the power required, everything is possible. Our skills and expertise are at your service to provide you a functional quality solution, matching your needs with our warranty.

For our customers, we create everyday things that didn’t exist until now.

The future is already here !

Our background

Within our team, we have gathered all the knowledge needed to meet your requirements. Each of us has a strong knowledge in lighting, but we also have to be polyvalent to understand every project.

Therefore, our engineers complete themselves when it comes to technical questions, allowing us to master altogether mechanical, electrical, electronical, informatical, or even biological aspects of our clients inquiries. We will build your tailor-made luminaires.